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Recruiting Must Haves: 4 - Contacting Coaches

T. Thomas
December 31, 2020
Recruiting Must Haves: 4 - Contacting Coaches

Last post we looked at how to prepare your Skills Video, this week we will be focusing on Recruiting Must Have #4 — Contacting Coaches. Now that you have an online presence via your Athletic and Academic Profile and a Skills Video, it's time to connect those assets to university coaches.

It's important to understand that you will need to reach out to at least 50 coaches in the beginning (100 would be even better) because coaches themselves cast a wide recruiting net, and you need to do the same, but always taking into consideration what it is that you and your son or daughter are looking for in a potential school and athletic program. As you can imagine, researching each school's athletic website, finding the coach's contact information, and sending your information to each of these 50-100+ individuals will involve a ton of work. If you would like to learn how Recruit-HQ can help to streamline this part of the recruiting process, click here.

To position themselves as a top recruit, your son or daughter must be proactive in contacting coaches and begin to develop a rapport with them as soon as possible. This part is for your son or daughter: when reaching out to a university coach it is important to not only standout as a prospective student-athlete, but also to personalize your correspondence to each coach—if you are interested in a particular program be sure to include a few sentences that highlight the appeal of the athletic program and school. Taking the time to personalize your correspondence with coaches will go a long way. As always, be sure to proofread all correspondence, take care with spelling and grammar, and ask a parent, teacher, or guidance counsellor to review your final draft prior to sending. Remember, you can get a head start by reaching out to coaches as early as grade 9, why wait? Start now.

Here are a few more tips to improve your chances of hearing back from university coaches:

This is a process, be open.

  • Know that you are going to have to reach out to more than just a dozen coaches and that you may hear from coaches at programs that may not be as familiar, but could still be a great fit.

Be persistent.

  • So you emailed a coach and didn't hear back from them, follow up! Or give them a call. Either way, try again—give them a taste of your grit and relentlessness.

Always be respectful, mature, and professional when communicating with coaches.

  • Attitude is everything, and for many of you this initial contact will be your first impression with a coach, stay humble and be grateful for the opportunity to be participating in the recruitment process.

For more tips on contacting coaches, including how to set up your email address, suggestions for email subject lines, and even an initial email template pick up a copy of our Official Workbook: The Definitive Guide to Getting Recruited.