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Recruiting Must Haves: 3 - Skills Video

T. Thomas
December 31, 2020
Recruiting Must Haves: 3 - Skills Video

I this post we're looking at Recruiting Must Have #3, a Skills Video. A video showcasing the talents of your son or daughter is simply the most economical and efficient way for them to be seen by coaches.

Technique Video vs. Highlight Video

A Skills Video can be classified as either a Technique Video or a Highlight Video.

  • Highlight Video: showcases in-competition skills and abilities, demonstrates how the mastery of key skills are applied in real-time competition
  • Technique Video: showcases sport-specific drills outside of competition, demonstrates mastery of a key skill within the sport

Both types of videos are helpful in giving a coach an idea of your son or daughters skills and abilities, but if there are two videos, coaches will typically view the Highlight Video first and only view the Technique Video if they are interested in seeing more. You can also combine the two types of videos into one video that is mainly highlights with a few drills showcased at the end.

What Should Be Included in My Skills Video?

Your son or daughter's Skills Video is their opportunity to shine, uninterrupted, it should be kept simple and include the following:

  • A brief introduction (text on the screen or them speaking, maximum 1 minute long)
  • Highlights from games and practices
  • A spotlight on your son or daughter if they are not the only athlete in the video
  • Multiple angles
  • All aspects of the game (offence, defence, transitions)
  • Optional: showcase 1-3 drills at the end
  • Your video should be 3-5 minutes

Footage Tips

Similar to your son or daughter's Player Profile, his or her Skills Video can, and should, be updated over time as he or she develops as an athlete—it's never too early to start collecting footage, but by the end of his or her grade 11 year the video should predominantly feature footage from that year. Here are some tips for collecting footage:

  • Film as often as you can at multiple competitions throughout the season, you'll want to have a broad selection of highlights to choose from, limiting filming to one game or weekend can result in not having enough once edited
  • Avoid filming through fences or with obstructions in view, try and get to as clear a spot as you can while being as close to the action as you can
  • Keep the camera steady, a tripod is recommended, but handheld is ok as well, as long as you don't get too excited with the big plays, we know, it's hard not to
  • Share footage amongst each other, if you can team-up with another parent, or the coaches, it becomes possible to record the action from multiple angles

How Do I Get My Skills Video to Coaches?

Once your Skills Video has been edited (you can use iMovie for free on Mac or Movie Maker on Windows) the easiest way to get it in front of coaches is to post it online, either on your Player Profile site (embedded) or on YouTube. If using YouTube, you can upload your video as Unlisted if you don't want other members of the public to find it, you will still be able to share the link directly with the coaches who you would like to view it. Do not post your video as Private, if you do, you will not be able to share a link for coaches to view it.

Now that your video is online you can send the shareable link to coaches via email. We'll be looking at Recruiting Must Have #4: Contacting Coaches in the next post.