Men's Soccer

University of California-Davis


Graduated 1-2 years ago (2019 or 2018)

Dwayne Shaffer


Years Attended

Head Coach

Overall Experience

Athletic/Academic Balance

Team Morale & Skill Instruction

Fairness & Respect

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In One Sentence...

The best years of my life thus far, it was amazing to have such a support system and make lifelong friendships and connections while doing the sport I love.


You will have more connections and people to reference off of for the future. You will be able to play at a high quality program. There are so many resources to keep you going to pursue either professional options or for seeking jobs once you graduate.


Depending on what you want to do, you may have to sacrifice some things to play and go to school. Whether it be the degree you want due to the work load, whether that be lack of social life, etc.

Advice to the coaching staff...

I really have nothing.