Women's Track, Indoor and/or Outdoor

California State University, Sacramento


Recent Grad (2020)

Kenny McDaniel


Years Attended

Head Coach

Overall Experience

Athletic/Academic Balance

Team Morale & Skill Instruction

Fairness & Respect

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In One Sentence...

I made my experience what it was.


As long as you show that you care about being there, no one on campus or in the athletic department will be anything by kind and supportive of you.


If you aren't a scholarship athlete or an athlete that travels often, you may start to feel left out if you don't find other ways to make an impact as an athlete. This may apply to all colleges though.

Advice to the coaching staff...

Continue being adaptable with your athletes and make the changes they see need to be made. Additionally, make sure everyone feels like they're part of the team even if they're hurt, don't travel, or redshirt.