Women's Lacrosse

The Ohio State University-Main Campus


Graduated 3-4 years ago (2017 or 2016)

Alexis Venechanos


Years Attended

Head Coach

Overall Experience

Athletic/Academic Balance

Team Morale & Skill Instruction

Fairness & Respect

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In One Sentence...

The more difficult yet best years of my life where I laid the foundation for who I am today and who I aspire to be


The traditions, the support off the field, the networking that comes from a big school, the amount of opportunity for extra activities like taking part in research projects


It’s hard to connect with professors at a big school. You’re exhausted all of the time. Your days off you spend it being social and it’s hard to balance life. You spend all your time with your teammates and it’s hard to get along 24-7

Advice to the coaching staff...

Help people find their roles whatever that may be