Women's Field Hockey

Wittenberg University


Graduated 3-4 years ago (2017 or 2016)

Kelly Hubbel


Years Attended

Head Coach

Overall Experience

Athletic/Academic Balance

Team Morale & Skill Instruction

Fairness & Respect

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In One Sentence...

I experienced a well rounded assortment of activities, while enjoying my education and athletic time in a place that felt like home with people that supported me and became life long friends


Good balance of competitiveness, school and social life. Competitive conference , to keep the eagerness to improve. The school attracts the best people, a lot of them are athletes and it’s great to support each other


Sometimes night classes or labs get in wya of practice . Classes come first, but stinks to miss out on practice. It might feel like you miss out socially the first year, being a fall sport, but their are so many more perks that come with being a student athlete.

Advice to the coaching staff...

I enjoy when the coach lets us figure out what we need to do to get our heads in the game or practice. Keeps us self aware and more willing to work then being yelled at / or given up on.